Friday, 2 December 2016

A second look on the 2nd - Austria

Today is the day to join Bluebeard and Elizabeth for a second look at a previous post.

I looked through my posts and wanted to show you some thing I had made but couldn't decide so the Travel journal page at the bottom of the post will have to do I'm afraid! It was the first time I had tried this style and was quite easy to do on the train journeys we took.

This was part of our trip to Austria and Budapest in Autumn 2014 - we have been looking at some holiday brochures recently and thinking it would be nice to see Austria at a different time of year…not sure when yet! 

This post was from November.
Okay, so I know I wasn't impressed at first but Sunday dawned and the sun was shining - time for an early start - a metro train to catch and palace to visit!

Schonbrun Palace - the most visited attraction in Austria we knew there would be queues - fortunately not for too long - they were very organised!                                                     The palace was beautiful and interesting! No photos inside!!

The gardens were amazing - and although we wanted to go somewhere in the afternoon we spent some time wandering around in the sunshine
I have never seen such a tame squirrel or birds, this squirrel kept going back to some children with nuts
We had a simple lunch and saw this advertised on a card on our table Kaiserschmarrn - couldn't resist - it was (apparently) Kaiser Franz Josef 1st's favourite dish
I could see why - delicious - loaded with sugar - we shared and hubby did his best to eat most of it!!

Then it was a metro ride back to the city centre.
We decided to walk to our next destination.
Past this..
Minecraft you could move yourself (I have grandchildren - I've seen their games - that's all I know! lol!)
Down the road to…
…beautiful Belvedere Palace
I wanted to see the Klimt exhibition- hubby wanted to wander outside.
What did I see? 'The Kiss' - couldn't get a photo, 
some lovely decor

some interesting faces
by Franz Xaver Messerschmidt who did these based on himself while receiving treatment for an illness - each face contorted in a different expression - fascinating!
I also took this view from a window
Hubby took some fab photos outside

Then it was a tram back into the centre again for another highlight!
The Sacha Hotel cafe!

Happy! Happy! Happy!
This is the one my Diabetic nurse said I shouldn't miss - bless her!!! She had been earlier this year and enjoyed the Sacha Torte!
From here we went for a walk, thought I'd better!!

Then it was time for something to eat and back to the hotel to pack!

------------------------------------------------------------------- There are other posts from that trip here, here, herehere, here and here

I am bit under the weather today - too much sugar yesterday probably (I never learn!!) so I am going to spend some time trying to catch up! 

Thanks for looking, Chris

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Calendar pages…..

……it's so late in the day now I could have filled in todays square! We had a computer problem today and by the time it was sorted it was time to party!! 
My friend Mona had a joint party with another friend Bill, who is 90 today! Not many folk have parties here but Mona is a life and soul type and at 96 is very good at letting folk know exactly what she wants! 
We had a sit down tea followed by 'entertainment'! 

So my December page is ready - I had a little experiment I wanted to try out - spattered gold paint with turquoise and light brown - so I used my calendar page.
I wrote December and then overwrote using a copper pen!
The swirls are a big stamp I have had for ages.
Here is  my November page completed…

Thanks for looking, Chris

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Marmite page!

Oh Yes! Literally! I don't suppose this will mean much to some of you but Marmite is a love it or hate it product to spread onto toast! Personally I love it which is why last year we bought a special jar with a tag around the neck of the jar.

The tag disappeared into a scraps bag and yesterday surfaced again - along with the other scraps you see here along with some wash tape!

I had some random text stamped onto the page and I made this while watching a Christmas movie with my GD yesterday while she coloured some Christmassy pics!
It doesn't have any leaves, faces or wings which is why I am joining in with Susi's collage theme for the last time this month at Art Journal Journey!

Thanks for looking! Chris

Whats On Your Workdesk Wednesday 391 (and crop pics too!)

Well, what whizz of a week! It's time to show my desk but mainly it's time to share crop secrets over at Julia's Stamping Ground for WOYWW!
First my desk - in the murk of this morning - I have been waiting until it's daylight - well 9.30 is as long as I'm giving it and I have used my flash!!
A bit busy and I have had to cover the card I am making. I have been trying out some stamps (gifted by Elizabeth) for a special birthday card for my friend Mona who will be 96 tomorrow! As you can see my cereal box ….is still a cereal box!! At the back of my desk is the stamp I bought from 'Shopkeeper gal' - I forgot to bring some things  with me so went off to Amesbury and then found this fabulous stamp in the bargain box. I have already made some cards (here) and still using this fabulous stamp for more! 

Right! Now for the crop! Thanks to Julia and Jan(who once again provided the most fabulous lunch) and lots of folk who made cake we didn't run out of fuel for chatting and crafting! It really is fabulous to be able to meet up with fellow deskers too! 

 Dolores and Mary -Ann
 Plenty of time to chat...
 …and craft!
Time for lunch - Livvy helping herself to salad and Dolores, Dianne(Morti), Peter, and Margaret queueing!
 Peter, Christine and Kathy and Tony's hand!
Julia, Dolores, MaryAnn, Kyla, and Fiona
Julia has money and choccies!!
Hamish loves baked potato!
The men get on with clearing away after lunch!
I am sure you will have seen a similar photo on other blogs...
….here is the view we get!
Even when everything was packed away there was still time for Margaret and Shaz to chat.
Just to show you what posers there were there…
Christine - Oh My! That hair does suit you - perfect for Paris!!
I lifted this from Lunch Lady Jan's blog 
My lovely friend Helen(Stamping by H) in her over the knee boots and me, as ever,  peering over the top of my specs!

It really was the most fabulous day and hope there will be many more to come! 

Thanks for looking, Chris

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

T stands for - Time away!

Yes, I know, again…… This will be the last long journey before next year! We are still hoping to take the reasonably short journey to our caravan before Christmas and maybe with our grandchildren and son in the Christmas holidays.

As some of you may know we went join up with WOYWW folk for the crop(photos tomorrow) but hubby and I wanted to have a look around the area - we love Wiltshire and have holidayed there before with our family! 

We stayed at a lovely country inn called the Grosvenor in Stockbridge
We were lucky enough to have had a discount voucher and leapt at the chance to stay here (only downside was that we were in the annexe which seems to be in need of a bit of a facelift) but it was very clean and quiet and we both slept really well in the comfortable bed.
On Friday we went to Winchester - we had been once before but when we arrived it was quite late in the day and we didn't go into the Cathedral.

There was a Christmas market set up in the Cathedral grounds with some very interesting stalls (got some Christmas presents sorted!) 

When we went into the Cathedral we found that it was a rehearsal day for the Special Needs Schools of the area so a bit of a nostalgia thing for us both! 
The building is very ornate!

 There are still some of the old tiles and some wall paintings from Norman times. Eleanor of Aquitaine may have once walked on this floor when the Royal court was in Winchester(once the capital of England)

 Famous author Jane Austen died and was was buried in Winchester.

As we are here for T Stands for Tuesday with Bluebeard and Elizabeth I will show you one of our delicious meals that we had at the hotel.
Hubby decided he had had enough of trying to get his fish pie out of a little dish and tipped it onto his plate - I carried on with my mac'n cheese! 
As you can see we both had a Coke zero as we were slightly awash with hot drinks!

On the way home on Sunday we called to Old Sarum Castle where my heroine Eleanor Of Aquitaine was imprisoned by Henry II for the  most part of 16 years - she was moved around from time to time but always came back here. 
It was very cold and windy - as Eleanor herself found, and is in ruins now. 

Looking out towards Salisbury which became more important that Old Sarum as it had a better water source 
Hubby took quite a few more photos while I explored! 
 This is looking out onto the site of the old cathedral

 There were plenty of information boards around - I found this one of the most interesting 

Finally, a tricky bit down some steps and round a corner and we were on our way!

But not straight home - more of that another time though!

Thanks for looking, Chris