Thursday, 20 October 2016

Autumn leaves!

I have been having fun with my journal in between meetings, cinema trip and the dreaded HW!!
It started as a mop up with some gold and orange paint but I could't think what to do with it so out came the gesso and then some sprinkling with Infusions.
A little happier now..
Next some playing with Infusions and deli paper onto which I stamped some leaves from Lin Brown's Paper Artsy sets.

I added these to the page with Gel medium and added some more of Lin's text and circle stamps

I wrote Autumn Almanac onto some inked deli paper and stuck that on too

I have been inspired by Valerie's fabulous Indian Summer/Autumn theme at Art Journal Journey.

Thanks for looking, Chris  

Wednesday, 19 October 2016


There's a lot going on and not much space left - I know I should tidy a bit but I have things drying all over the place!!
I am joining Julia's merry band of desk exposers at Whats On Your Workdesk Wednesday so I don't suppose any one will mind the mess! If it does offend you please look way quickly and I do apologise!!
Okay I admit it - there are a few things that could have been put straight back into their homes but I was enjoying myself too much!
The page you see here has a few layers on it - it started with some orange and gold paint that was mop up stuff - I didn't know where to go then so I gessoed over it - this morning I sprinkled it with PA Infusions and let it move around bit while I dried it - what next? I have no idea, but I expect that something will come to me while we are in the cinema - we are off to see 'Inferno'
Film Review
Last week we went to a Silver Screen viewing go 'The Legend Of Tarzan' We like Silver Screen at the Odeon - £3 each and a cup of coffee (and a biscuit if you wish) - the films are a few months older than those currently screening but we don't mind as we miss quite a few that we would like to see!
So, Tarzan books were some of my favourites as a teenager and this film is one I think Edgar Rice-Burroughs would have been pleased with! The film moves quite well with a good background story for those who don't know it! I enjoyed it so much the time passed really quickly!

Hope to get around to visiting later!

Thanks for looking, Chris

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

T stands for …..the most amazing time!

We arrived home from our trip to Ely on Saturday evening having had stops on the way for hubby to throw up!! Sorry! That is definitely not the most amazing time - I knew he was ill when he allowed me to drive - he normally likes to be chauffeur! 
The good news is that he was fine on Sunday - we think that as well as not tolerating Lamb he can no longer tolerate Pork which we had both enjoyed eating the previous evening!
I am still in a Mediaeval mood with the page I have made for Art Journal Journey - I am loving Valerie's Autumn theme - again I started this while away.
I took some Paper Artsy stamped images with me and I used Autumn coloured Coloursoft pencils and part of the flyer I used for my last page.
I drew in some patterns with a gold pen and used a small circle punch to add some circles cut from a magazine.
As I mentioned in my previous post the exhibition was amazing but so was Cambridge! It is probably about 20 years since I last visited but the architecture is so beautiful.
We started our day by walking from the railway station into the town looking for an information centre. On the way we passed Carluccio's so once we had some leaflets and a map to peruse we headed back there for coffee…and biscuits. You may remember that in last weeks T post I showed you Carluccio's in Lincoln - the space in the Cambridge cafe was so much airier! The coffee and biscuits that I am showing you while I join Bluebeard and Elizabeth for T Stands for Tuesday….
…were just as delicious...
…well, actually hubby had tea and I had a latte.
We didn't eat all the biscuits - I wrapped some up for another day!

We headed for the Fitzwilliam Museum stopping on the way for a peep at Peterhouse college, the oldest college
Yes, that's  me getting my camera out..
….and there's hubby.
On our way back into the town we looked in on Pembroke College...

….the gardens were beautiful.
We walked on to Corpus Christi College

We looked through the railings at St Catharine's College
I loved seeing the bicycles lined up everywhere!
We walked on to probably the most famous college - Kings College, founded by Henry VI and completed during the reign of Henry VIII

The carvings are beautiful but we were too late to go in….or were we?
We went off for coffee and returned at 5.00pm to join the queue to go to Evensong - the guide on the gate had tipped us off that it was sung Eucharist - well we weren't about to miss out on the chance of such an experience!
We didn't have to wait long and while we waited I took some photos.

 I even caught sight of a punter on the river.
so, we went in…no photos obviously but I can tell you that it was a very moving experience - the Kings college Choir lived up to our expectations!
When we came out it was getting dark - we went around the back of the college as hubby had stayed in the queue before the service.
 We could hear music coming from another chapel but I have no idea what is is called.

We were just in time to see some of the choir heading back to their school.

We headed back to the station by a different route that we had taken earlier - a lovely end to our day!

I will try to organise some more photos for a scheduled post later in the week!

Thanks for looking, Chris

Sunday, 16 October 2016

A look at Colour…..

…..Mediaeval style! We went away for a few days last week….. my hubby had seen that the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge had an exhibition of Mediaeval Manuscripts - we both have love of all things Mediaeval so it was a 'must see'!!
The exhibition was called 'Colour' and is still on until December - if you do get the chance to go I am sure you will not be disappointed.
The museum is a fabulous building and although we spent some time there we just kept our viewing of galleries to a minimum! We think we may go back one day!
This is the front of the museum

We took a couple of photos before we went in to the Colour exhibition

This was across the road from the museum - these banners are all over Cambridge advertising the exhibition

Obviously no photos were allowed in the exhibition itself and it was all in a very low light, which to me added to the display. The books were fabulous, you could see where people through the ages had turned the pages of the gorgeous tomes! Oh how I would have loved to see more pages!!
I only had my handbag notebook with me but I sketched a few patterns so that I could try my hand in my journals! 

For this page I added some torn tissue tape and coloured the page using the Autumnal colours of my Coloursoft pencils.
I cut up a flyer that I picked up and then drew some of the patterns around it! I had taken a small kit that included a couple of metallic pens. I added the blessing chit chat word this morning.

I am linking to Art Journal Journey for Valerie's theme of 'Indian Summer - Golden October - Autumn' with my page (and it's Autumnal background) about an Autumn exhibition.

I will be back with more photos of our trip and another page soon!

Thanks for looking, Chris

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

A little bit of History!

I'm not sure whether I will be able to post this - we are off again - a little History trip! Of course I will try to remember to take lots of photos!

We are off to Ely, Cambridge and wherever else we find!
There are bound to be a few coffee stops on the way too!

Just a little page in my A6 journal!

Thanks for looking, Chris

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Its 'Scary and Spooky' at Try It On Tuesday

Well, I hope you realise that I am not talking about any strange happenings going on!
With Halloween approaching we hope that the new theme at Try It On Tuesday - 'It's Scary and Spooky!' will get you in the mood for some Halloween fun!
Not that it's fun for me - since we moved to a retirement apartment we don't get 'Trick or Treaters' any more - I used to love having neighbours and their children knocking on the door for their treats!

I am also a bit of a wimp and I must say that some of the Halloween items on sale these days in the supermarket aisles are REALLY scary!

I have made a canvas which may be more fun than spooky!
I started off by using different shades of orange paint rubbed downwards onto the canvas using a baby wipe.
I rubbed around the edges with black paint and added a little softer black to the top. The Tim Holtz spider webs were stamped and heat embossed and I added a small Tando web that I had painted with black at the same time as I coloured the bat from the same set. I had some fibres which I teased to to extend the webs. I had some Tando leaves too, and found a little bit from a Tim Holtz die laying around so after stamping some grasses I added those! I love the idea of the cat who has been spooked by the golden eyed bat!

By the time some of you see this it will have been handed over to my Granddaughter - I hope she likes it but I rather suspect it won't be scary enough! 

I do hope that you will take a look at the creations the TIOT Design Team have made and be inspired to join in - just put your fingers in your ears when I come visiting - I may scream!!

Thanks for looking, Chrisx

Monday, 10 October 2016

T stands for taking a trip back in time!

I have gone back to the Summer to show you some photos of our visit to Lincoln - my home town!
My brother and sister in law live there not far from where my Mum and Dad used to live and in fact their house is on land that we used to play on as children.
I had asked my brother if we could be tourists for a day, so on a Saturday in July we set off into the city!
On the way I noticed lots of changes.
This is the old Drill Hall - no changes here thank goodness - they used to hold dances here with some quite famous bands and singers appearing. My Dad didn't like me going there as he had heard that there used to be fights but I was always away very early to catch the bus home and never saw one fight! 
 Our first stop was the Museum - this is now in a brand new building close to the Usher Art Gallery where I used to spend my lunch times when I was at FE college(that's a story in itself!)
 As you can see it is a very light and airy place although the areas that contain the exhibits have more subdued lighting.
This used to be my favourite when I was a child - a viking boat - which in my youth used to be a lone exhibit. It now is in a 'setting'!
Lots of display cases but we were getting ready for a coffee break after looking at quite a few!
The cafe is run by Stokes - a company that sells tea and coffee as well as having a very old shop and cafe over the river. Grandad Peelie's mix is a secret blend of tea and 'something special'
We enjoyed sitting outside even though it wasn't especially warm.

Next stop was the Art Gallery.
I forgot to take any photos but can say I was disappointed, the inside has been updated and a memory was spoilt!
We headed uphill, not up Steep Hill, notoriously err…steep, as we came in from a different direction.
We did join it halfway up though!

There's SIL looking in the Chocolate shop window.
There were some stalls outside the Castle gates.
The best thing though, was that there was a parade to commemorate the Battle of the Somme.

Eleanor was also Countess of Ponthieu which is at the mouth of the Somme.
Some of the poppies that were on display at the Tower of London decorated part of the walls.
After a light lunch we set off to look around the area - passing one of the cannons that my sons(when they were little) and grandchildren could never walk past without stopping for a photo of themselves sitting on it.
We decided against including the Cathedral on this occasion as time was moving on! 
We headed down Steep Hill to the Stonebow - an archway that in the 14th Century was a gate way to the city.
It now houses council offices and the Mayors parlour.
Time for a final coffee …and Italian Biscuits.
We were out just in time to see the parade heading back up to the Castle led by the Mayor.

Finally a nostalgic walk down the High Street
This is Stokes shop and cafe. My Mum worked here as a waitress when she was in her teens. 

We all really enjoyed our 'tourist day'and we had loads of catch up time too !

I hope you are still here after two coffee stops that I am joining Bleubeard and Elizabeth with at The Altered BookLover to celebrate T Stands For Tuesday
If you have a drink related post to show please do come and join the T gang - we love seeing all sorts of drinks, whether it be in your art, at home or on an outing! 

Thanks for looking, Chris